Things To Keep In Mind While Developing A Messaging App

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Planning to launch a chat app like Whatsapp, but no idea where to begin and what essential things you need to consider in the development process? If yes, then you are landed at the right place, as this blog has rounded up all the crucial factors that can affect the chat app development process.

Since people are spending the whole day chatting whether it’s about staying connected with family and friends or using the app for business communication. According to statista, every month Whatsapp is being used by 1 billion people from all across the world and in 109 countries.

Many of you must be surprised after knowing these statistics that why this app is globally increasing its popularity and achieving success? Most importantly, what exactly makes this app so successful?

There is an endless number of questions hitting your mind, so what’s the secret behind this story?

And the very first questions that bother everyone right from startup to leading entrepreneur is the development cost of the application. According to the Clutch survey, the average price to build a mobile application is ranging from $5000 to $50,000.

Now, must be wondering why there is a considerable variation in the development cost?

The fact of the matter is development cost is depending upon various factors right from features, functionalities, complexity, size, technologies, frameworks, and skills of the development team that they embedded in the app development process. So let’s discuss all such important factors that can help you build a better chat app in 2021:

  1. Easy and Simple User Login

Chat apps are not just limited to exchanging text messages; instead, these apps are used for multiple purposes right from video calling to conducting business chats. And without user login, it is hard to create a profile.

So the app user can be a layman, celebrity or a professional corporate, so keeping in mind all these things, it is essential to hire mobile app developers that can customize the app with a simple login interface. Make sure, the app should have a User login with a phone number that can be easily verified through an email. The easier the login process, there will be a better chance of its popularity.

  1. End-to-End Encryption

When it comes to developing a chat app, it is essential to have secure encryption between two persons that keep the conversation private in both parties. With End-to-End encryption, only communicating parties will be able to read the exchanged messages, and there is no access to the third parties.

In any chat app, this is a must-have feature as it ensures high-end safety and security of the communication to the users and eliminates the chance of decoding the information by third parties.
  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

In this modern era, where everyone is prone to use at least one chatting app, it is essential to launch an app that can smoothly run on multiple operating systems including mobile, desktop and web. To make it possible, it is worth hiring software development company leveraging the benefits of leading open-source frameworks like Flutter, React Native and more.

But still, the choice remains yours about whether the platform is going to be native or hybrid. If you are following the app clone of Whatsapp, then you should know that it kick-started for the iPhone and then went to Android after receiving tremendous success in the short span.

And now Whatsapp is offering excellent user experience on Windows, MAC or even web. With the compatibility of running on multiple operating systems, Whatsapp is leveraging 1 billion users per month.
  1. No In-App Add

To keep users first, they have created an app that is entirely free from annoying advertisements. To lead an excellent user experience, they keep their app open. If you are looking forward to becoming the next big chat app like Whatsapp, then you need to avoid in-app monetization strategies that directly emphasize on excellent user experience.

  1. UX/UI Design

App design is the soul of your app that helps you attract the attention of the users and keep them engaged longer with your app. 90% of users judge your app based on their first expression about the design, colour, icon and styles that you decide on in your app. And many of the users make a mistake of designing the app with a highly complicated interface and make it hard to access.

So instead of complicating things, it is worth hiring a mobile app development company backed by a dedicated UX/UI developer, experienced in making a significant difference in your app design and creating 100% customer satisfying app design.

  1. Features and Functionality

This is the most significant factor that can affect both — an app development cost and driving success in the market. The features and functionality of your app will significantly decide how users will take it. Make sure to integrate all the essential elements, including simple user login, video calling, voice message, audio call, text message, media sharing, contact card sharing, live location sharing, and more.

But, if you’re developing with a low budget, then it is fair enough to get started with the basic features because sometimes, a simple app developed with right technology and methodologies can also hit the market so hard.

  1. Choosing the Right Tools For App Development

There is a wide choice of open-source frameworks, programming languages and tools that you can use to reduce the app development cost. By leveraging free to use full-Fledged SDK and code libraries, you can add third-party plug-ins in the app customization. Here are the few most common yet handy app development tools that can help you build a chat app like telegram such as Alpha, AppGyver, ViziApps, Appcelerator, Corona and more. Summary

Chat apps have revolutionized the way people are communicating with each other and made it easier to stay connected with family and friends. With the extensive usage of messaging apps, it makes senses to invest in chat apps by following all these factors to achieve success. However, all you need is a dedicated app development company to create an excellent chat app.