Why I love Jamstack as a developer

Ai Anshu | Fri Feb 11 2022 | Read Time 3 min read

Why I love Jamstack as a developer

jamstack is one of the technologies that attract more attention of every developer the reason for the amazingness of this stack is the architecture. jamstack is growing so fast in the field of static site and server-side rendering.

Why I love Jamstack as a developer#

Why I love Jamstack as a developer

there are so many factors that I like about the jam stack this technology help me to create a fast and more secure website I ever made because there's no need for backend you just use some APIs for your functionality and use markdown for the source of data.

this technique this so helpful if want to demonstrate what jamstack is then the answer is so simple it's a technology stack that represents JavaScript for frontend and APIs for back end functionality and markdown work like a database for your data.

Why do you use jamstack?#

Why do you use jamstack?

the answer is so simple you need jamstack if you want to speed up your website and want some more security for your site like you to read this article in codenanshu this website is completely created with jamstack. the stack is like Gatsby for the frontend and netlify as backend and markdown for the content as well.

Is Jamstack is not user-friendly?#

Is Jamstack is not user-friendly?

well, the answer is NO, jamstack is so helpful for every single like if you are an experienced developer then you can write your system for post-management and every single thing but if you do have not must experience in programming then it is pretty simple for you as well you can use headless CMS like strapi, WordPress, graphcms and you can also use Git-based CMS like netlify CMS.

netlify CMS is used in this website to manage content for this site and the content is also written with this CMS.

How to learn jamstack?#

How to learn jamstack?

it's pretty easy you need to know javascript if you know javascript then you can create an application with this stack as well. after learning JavaScript you need to learn to react or angular or vue whatever you want to learn. when you learn this one framework you need to know markdown and after it, you can learn the framework for your JavaScript libraries like Gatsby or next or some other as well.

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