How to import medium post in hashnode?

Ai Anshu | Fri Jul 09 2021 | Read Time 3 min read

How to import medium post in hashnode?

Writers and bloggers love readers like fish love water. So when platforms like and Svbtle launched, it was an easy way for them to publish articles, blog posts, and art-directed stories that had the immediate potential for thousands of reads just by being posted to one of those sites.

With a good story, striking images, and a little bit of luck, a single article can be catapulted into Internet fame, but at what cost? Who is actually benefitting from your content? Is it you, the original author? Or is it the owners of these third-party platforms? I’d like to take a deeper look at the impact sites like Medium have on your personal brand and whether it is best to self-publish or build your Internet writing career on top of a third-party website. The Pros and Cons of

There are definite pros and cons when placing your content on a publishing platform you do not own. Here’s a list of the cons we’ve seen:

    The site could close down tomorrow.
    No control over how your posts are featured/surfaced.
    What if they start running ads next to your content? Especially for products you don’t want to endorse.
    Publishing on Medium then your own site will have negative affects on SEO for BOTH URLs.
    Little design control. You’re at the mercy of their design department to decide how your content is displayed.
    Their platform gains an audience instead of building your personal brand. Your content may gain more exposure but are people remembering you or “that one post on Medium about soldiers and PTSD?”

In terms of pros, you get a built-in audience, attachment to Medium as a brand (which can elevate your own brand when you’re an up-and-comer), and some really nice publishing tools and features.

However, there’s nothing like being your own boss and taking charge of your destiny. Just ask iOS developer Marco Arment:

How to import medium post in hashnode?#

use these simple steps to do this

Login to and open the main menu.#
Click the gear next to your name to view Settings.#

How to import medium post in hashnode?

Scroll down to find Export Content and click Download .ZIP.#

How to import medium post in hashnode?

Click the button and your posts will download in a .zip format. You do not need to unzip the file.

now just go to the

hashnode and blog dashboard#

How to import medium post in hashnode?

then click on import

How to import medium post in hashnode?

then just upload the downloaded file form medium

How to import medium post in hashnode?

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