August Week 3 Developer Newsletter 2021

Ai Anshu | Thu Aug 19 2021 | Read Time 4 min read

August Week 3 Developer Newsletter 2021

Whatsapp everybody, welcome to the third august week newsletter in today's letter has something amazing. My name is Ai Anshu and I am your host in this article.

Angular 13 begins to take shape 🔧#

Angular 13, a planned upgrade to Google’s popular TypeScript-based web framework, is starting to take shape. Two beta releases, published on August 4 and August 11 and accessible on GitHub, introduce changes to forms and the router.

TypeScript 4.4 brings performance boosts 🚀#

Microsoft’s TypeScript 4.4, the latest planned version of its popular typed version of JavaScript, has moved to a release candidate stage, with capabilities including performance improvements and control flow analysis.

Best practices for phone number validation during new user enrollment 📱#

You have a new user! Great! Twilio provides a set of tools for quickly validating and verifying a user's phone number, perfect for quick and seamless onboarding. Let's look at some best practices for how to get a user registered for your service and ... more

Does shadow DOM improve style performance? 🌐#

Short answer: Kinda. It depends. And it might not be enough to make a big difference in the average web app. But it’s worth understanding why. First off, let’s review the browser’s rendering pipeline, and why we might even speculate that shadow DOM could ... more

10 Reasons JS Developers Should Use Corticon.js To Automate Their Business Logic 🔥#

Capturing and verifying complex business logic in JavaScript application code is a tedious and error prone process—there is a better way. The Challenge Are you a developer spending too much of your time on business logic? Worrying about coding business ... more

What’s Coming in React 18 👍#

React 18 looks promising: automatic state batching, new APIs and a new streaming server renderer—all battled-tested in advance. Let’s take a closer look. React keeps getting better and better every time a new version is released. It’s the most-used JavaScript ... more

Libraries & Code For Android 💪#

  • Ruler is a Gradle plugin which helps you analyze the size of your Android apps

  • link-router

This library contains the basic infrastructure for routing deepLinks, activities and fragments within a multi-module application in a way that a feature module does not need to explicitly depend of another

Chesso is an animated, Jetpack Compose-based chess app aimed at beginners and intermediate players for studying purposes.

KSwift it's gradle plugin for generation Swift-friendly API for Kotlin/Native framework

A sample app built with Jetpack Compose

What lies in store for Kotlin in the next decade? Together with Roman Elizarov, gaze into the future, and watch the collected insights in this video.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021#

there are many this came in Stackoverflow survey 2021 and acording to that Rust is the most Loved programming language of all time. you can see the survey on the offical stackoverflow website link here

i don't know why Developer Tech are in trending on twitter i watch everyday multi hashtags like #Csharp TypeScript GraphQL and many more are trends everyday.

Most used Code Editor by Developers#

well, in stackoverflow survey 2021 we see that Visual Studio Code is used by 71% developers and it's one of the fastest growing code editor of all time. in 2020 VS code is used by only 50% of th developer but now its gain 20% more.

Most Loved Technology With React.#

as you know that react is one of the most loved JavaScript library according to Stackoverflow 2021 survay but programmer don't like react diractly they love react with these stacks

  • React
  • Nextjs & Gastby
  • React Native with Hermes
  • React with Electronjs
  • React wih Redux

React Native With Hermes VS Flutter.#

hermes is javascript enigne created by Facebook open source to optimize react native speed at runtime and React Native is also created by Facebook open source to create cross plateform mobile apps.

Flutter is created by Google to create cross plateform mobile apps its use Dart. Dart compiler is writen in C++ that's why its create speed in our apps.

but i think if any any React Native Develoer use hermes in there project and write code with efficent and right way then he/she can achive nice performance like flutter in easy way.


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