Best WordPress Plugin To Increase Website Speed

best plugin to increase your WordPress website speed for free

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today i this article i am provide a best plugin to increase your WordPress website speed up to 50% and ti think this is the best WordPress Plugin To Increase your Website Speed For Free. i am looking for some code or some plugin for WordPress to increase my client Website Speed i try so many plugins for that but i use 14 plugins already in my website and i have a medium quality server that's why i want to find a plugin that help me in this situation i try to find out but there's in no free plugin that help me to grow my website speed so i decided to get paid plugin but i have not nought money for that . So i decided to to download a paid plugin from the internet for for but there are so many virus infected plugins are already in the market so there are so much chance that i got a fake plugin and then i got hack y client website after that i found a solution for that i download a plugin from the internet and the manually read the code by opening in the VS Code and i found 0 virus in this plugin..

so i use this plugin in my website and before insert this plugin in my website i try to find out my WordPress speed so i go on the Google Page Insight and check my WordPress website speed and i found 3 in the Mobile and 10 in the desktop devices this is very very bad for SEO so now i insert the plugin in the website and then change some settings according to my website and then recheck the speed and now i found 45 in the mobile devices and 66 in the Desktop devices so i solve my problem with this plugin so now lets follow some essay steps to get your website speed back in the market..

Best Plugin to Increase WordPress Website Speed

so the name of this plugin is WP Rocket i think you already know about that and i also know that this is paid plugin but don't worry about i found a virus free plugin for you with 10 years free use so lets follow some simple steps and download this plugin

Download The Plugin

so if you want to download the plugin the simple click on this link WP Rocket. don't worry about that this plugin 100% safe download this plugin and add this is your WordPress website and then simple enable this and go to the tutorial section and you got all the important tutorial are upload here this plugin help you to

  1. decrease requests of your website
  2. Minify the HTML, CSS and JavaScript of your website
  3. Fastest Cache
  4. Add CloudFlare to your Website's cache
  5. Preload fonts
  6. Decrese DOM Element Handling
  7. Fast Load The Website

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