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I am Anshu trying to building a new web.

I specialize in rapidly building software companies and web applications. I talk about my journey on Twitter, commit code to Github, and take shots on Dribbble. you can find me in your computer.

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Mar 12


Kick off your programming skills with codeNanshu. This plateform help you learn things that are really helpful for your requirements.

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Jul 23

Windows Activator

this is the application which run on windows only and i want to say that this is the application which help to activate you windows for free

blog Ai Anshu
Jan 8


RTL8188FU driver for linux 4.15.x ~ 5.9.x capatable with any dabian linux distro with dkms and apt package managar

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About Me

My passion is to build programs.

I'm a self-taught open source computer programmer 🧑‍💻 and internet entrepreneur 🤵, i can change a mac and wireless to miracle 💻🚀, madly love in with Science 🧑‍🔬

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CodeNanshu ^2.0 is released today

what and why i release version 2.0 of codenanshu with new stack complete story, how i able to migrate HUGO blog to Gatsby

Use Pocket to Save Pages

An Award-Winning App From Firefox this app helps you to save pages directaly in your web browser and sync with cloud